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PALACE SERBIA, Belgrade, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2 (location)

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The Palace of Serbia is a building located in the Novi Beograd municipality of Belgrade, Serbia. The building is used by the government of Serbia and currently houses several cabinet level ministries and agencies.

The technical name of the building is Savezno izvršno veće 1 (SIV 1) as it was used by the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia. Later, it was informally known as the Palata Federacije (Palace of the Federation) before given its present name.


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Conference Hotel

The luxurious Crowne Plaza Belgrade is ideally located in the central business district of New Belgrade. The city centre can be reached in a 5-minute drive, while 2 shopping centres are just a few steps away. There is a Spa Centre and fitness area on site, as well as an indoor pool. Guests can enjoy local cuisine in 2 on-site restaurants.

The 2 restaurants, lounges and bars offer delightful specialities of international or genuine Serbian cuisine, our chefs will certainly make you have an unforgettable gastronomic experience. They can also work out in the stylish state-of-the-art gym, enjoy the biggest indoor swimming pool in the city and get pampered with some of our stimulating treatments in the Spa area.

The Crowne Plaza Belgrade is set only 13 km from the International Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla.

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About Belgrade

One of the oldest cities in Europe and the only one built on the confluence of two rivers, Belgrade is the city that never sleeps and the symbol of great nightlife.

The place where Belgrade is today has been inhabited from ancient times. One of the cities quarters, Vinča, is the home of prehistoric culture of the same name.

The city never stops growing, and when it has crossed the river Sava, it became “new”. New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) is the center of Serbia’s business.

Floating clubs on its rivers have become synonyms for great parties and neverending fun, and Skadarlija, the bohemian street, for a place where music and singing can be heard until dawn.

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Viminacium, Kostolac (location)

Viminacium was a major city (provincial capital) and military camp of the Roman province of Moesia (today’s Serbia), and the capital of Moesia Superior As of 2018, only 3 to 4% of the site have been explored.[4]

The site is located 12 km from the modern town of Kostolac in Eastern Serbia. The city dates back to the 1st century AD, and at its peak it is believed to have had 40,000 inhabitants, making it one of the biggest cities of that time. It lies on the Roman road Via Militaris.

Viminacium was devastated by Huns in the 5th century, but was later rebuilt by Justinian. It was completely destroyed with the arrival of Slavs in the 6th century. Today, the archaeological site occupies a total of 450 hectares (1,100 acres), and contains remains of temples, streets, squares, amphitheatres, palaces, hippodromes and Roman baths.

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